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Expert trainer and coach

Hi, I am Simona Giancola.

I am a soft-skills trainer, a career coach, a facilitator and a people development specialist.

I have successfully worked in training development and delivery, facilitation, team-building and leadership development for over 13 years now, in multiple organizations and sectors, and across different cultures.

After training and advising hundreds of professionals from different countries, backgrounds and fields of expertise as an in-company trainer, few years ago I founded People Matter to support more companies and organizations with employees' talent development, people management, internal communication, leadership development, organizational culture, employees' engagement.


I am a people person with a persistent curiosity about human nature, talent development and interpersonal relationships.

What drives me the most in my job is empowering people, helping them flourish, develop their talents and perform at their best. I find it fascinating to explore what people and organizations need to reach their goals, and then help them getting there through tailored training paths that will in the end empower them.



I am native Italian and studied and worked abroad for many years, of which the last 8 in the Netherlands.

Living and working in different countries gave me the great opportunity to deepen my understanding of relations and cross-cultural interaction, and to cultivate my passion for foreign languages.

I can speak English, Italian, Dutch, French and Spanish.

After graduating in International Relations at Bologna University and in Adult learning didactics at Siena University, I have been trained as trainer and facilitator at some of the best training schools in the Netherlands: 

MDF, Schouten&Nelissen and the Galan School for training.

I am a strong advocate of life-long learning, so I constantly keep researching, studying and developing myself.

I have worked in training and people development for over 13 years now in different countries, specializing in adult education, group dynamics and facilitation, didactic methods, e-learning, coaching, training material development, recruitment and soft skills training.

Additionally, I have many years of work experience in sales, customer-service, team leadership, marketing and communications, sustainability programs, project management - both in the profit and non-profit sectors.

As a member of NOBTRA (The Dutch Order of professional trainers),  I am strongly committed to follow the NOBTRA's Code of Ethics, based on 4 pillars:





For more information (in Dutch) visit

When I am not working you are likely to find me walking in the nature, reading, watching movies, practicing yoga, listening to music, biking, enjoying time with friends, and learning something new.

I am passionate about traveling, and love to explore new places, get in touch with new people, habits and cultures.

Passionate traveller
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