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We offer the services below on a short and long term consultancy base.

We will explore with you needs and desires, and we'll look together at the different possible solutions, based on the context, on your people and business, on your organizational structure, culture, values and objectives. Then we will help you reach your desired transformation in a simple way and within reasonable time.

There is a lot of wisdom and richness in your organization already, and we will help you build on that, and bring it to the next level for an even more durable impact.

                             Why should you choose us?

  • We offer services tailored to the specific needs and ambitions of your organization.

  • We are available on a short notice and flexible to meet your wishes as much as possible.

  • We have a proven track-record, excellent reviews and a result-oriented approach.


  • We are on a mission, so our prices are competitive, while our results are tangible.

  • What we will develop for you will be directly applicable to your work, and before leaving we will provide you with a thorough report with recommendations to keep improving.

  • We bring in many years of experience in different business contexts and several work dynamics - both in the profit and non-profit sector.

  • We are hands-on and work towards concrete, long-term and sustainable impact.

Employees on-boarding


Employees learning and development (L&D) programs

Training material


Facilitation services of events, workshops and

team-building days

People management coach for managers and HR specialists

E-courses design and

e-learning programs


Organizational culture,  internal communication,      employees engagement

Interim project management

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