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I was lucky to experience the work of Simona as a trainer first hand. She is the type to like; cheerful and happy (energy).


Next to this she is extremely present; taking the lead when necessary, seeing what needs to be seen and respond perfectly.


Her sharpness and accuracy as a trainer combined with her open, outgoing and uplifting attitude made this training experience with her one that made me feel confident and supported!

Milton Gerverdinck

Trainer and Manager at Gatlin

Participated in the course:


Simona is an inspiring trainer and facilitator!


She is very creative, patient, driven and above all a very warm and kind person. She is able to quickly capture the context and setting of the topic at stake, and capable of translating this in practical yet impactful exercises.

If you book a training/ facilitation session with Simona, for sure it will be a fun experience, and the lessons learned will stay with you forever,  guaranteed!

Ellen Brouwer 

Project Manager Certification

Climate Neutral Group


Participated in the course:

Presentation skills and public speaking

Simona was an active member of the Works Council herself. 


With this experience, her practical skills and her expertise in training, she is a strong and reliable source to train Works Council's members.


She is able to provide good insights in the rights of the Works Council and how it can play its role within the organization for the benefit of  the employees the Works Council represents.

Wim Spieringhs 

Horticultural Advisor


Participated in the course:

Team-building and legal framework for Works Councils

Simona impressed me both on the personal as well as on the professional level.


I have rarely ever met people with so much empathy and at the same time clear and solid guidance and constructive criticism.


The training of trainers that I got from her truly changed the way I give presentations and workshops, being as inclusive and interactive as possible.

Henriette Walz 

Climate change Expert

Rainforest Alliance

Participated in the course:


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