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In nowadays uncertain business world where customer preferences, technology and the environment change every single day, a newer evolutionary approach to product and service development is needed to create better just-in-time value for customers.

Business Agility and Organisational Effectiveness are about increasing productivity, responsiveness and adaptability by:

Reducing organisational complexity;

Developing operational simplicity;

Becoming really guided by real Customers' needs, not internal metrics. 

This can help people in organisations manage both internal complexities and the rapid-changing external customer world.


It is crucial for your business that you train your employees on approaches such Lean and Design Thinking and Agile ways of working,  which are being adopted by large and small corporations all over the world to improve operations, increase productivity and deliver better value to customers.  your business that you train your employees on


We can absolutely help you with that!

Based on your wishes, the participants' needs and the outcomes below we offer you an effective training course which will bring you great long-lasting results, at an affordable price.



Participants are protagonists in our courses. They learn by reflecting and doing on real-life scenarios, while having fun and achieving the desired transformation. They will also be coached to identify their main talents and strengths, set their improvement goals and practically work on them during and after the course.



2 days course and 1/2 day follow up session



By the end of this training course participants will know:


  • The fundamentals of the Agile mindset and Agile and Lean ways of working

  • How to make more effective business decisions and assessments

  • How to prioritise competing stakeholder demands by understanding and practising true Customer-centricity

  • Agile and Lean ways to increase productivity, optimise workflows and manage multiple deadlines, and deliver projects on time and on budget

  • How to hold each other accountable to keep applying the acquired skills and improvements after the course has ended.


Let's explore what we can achieve together.
You will get your customized offer within 2 days
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