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Reaching the same understanding, overcoming resistance, avoid misunderstandings in the workplace: it all requires excellent communication skills. And the better your employees can communicate to each other, the better they work together, and the better your organization grows and prospers. 

It is very important that you make sure that your employees consciously exercise effective communication skills at work. 


We can absolutely help you with that!

Based on your wishes, the participants' needs and the outcomes below we offer you an effective training course which will bring you great long-lasting results, at an affordable price.


Participants are protagonists in our courses. They learn by reflecting and doing on real-life scenarios, while having fun and achieving the desired transformation. They will also be coached to identify their main communication strengths, set their improvement goals and practically work on them during and after the course.


2 days course and 1/2 day follow up session (to be customized)


OUTCOMES (to be customized)

By the end of this training course participants will master how to:


  • Identify different communication styles, which one suits them more, and how to better communicate and cooperate with people with different communication preferences.

  • Recognize and manage the effect of culture on communication.

  • Better communicate by applying active listening, constructive feedback techniques, powerful questions and other useful interpersonal tools and skills.

  • Identify and manage the different levels of communication (content, process, emotions, etc).

  • Deal successfully with miscommunication issues, conflict and resistance.

  • Gain more influence, negotiate better, analyze stakeholders and influence arenas.

  • Support each other to keep applying the acquired skills and improvements in the months after the course has ended.

Let's explore what we can achieve together.
You will get your customized offer within 2 days
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