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Peoplematter consultancy services
Peoplematter consultancy services

For your

organization, together with you,

I can realize the following...


There is a lot of wisdom and richness in your organization already, and I will help you build on that. I will look at the possible different solutions with you, based on your structure, culture, values and objectives, and offer services tailored to the specific needs and ambitions of your organization.

I bring in many years of experience in different work contexts and several work dynamics - both in the profit and non-profit sector -, a proven track-record and a result-oriented approach.

Employees on-boarding


First impressions count. That's why the process of integrating new employees into their new work environment and overseeing their progress during that critical first year is extremely important.

A good on-boarding plan ensures that your new hire becomes a productive team member sooner, and it enhances performance and staff retention.

I can help you set up a great on-boarding program that you can easily maintain on your own afterwards.

Together we will shape a positive experience for your new employees which will increase their enthusiasm and results, and secure your organization long-term, loyal and high-performing employees.

Employees learning and development programs

The personal growth of your staff is vital to your  success and ability to innovate, especially now that knowledge and skills can become obsolete within months. A good L&D plan provides employees with continuous opportunities and clear path on how to increase their skills, improve their performance and their careers. And with enriched skills, they make your business succeed better. It's a win-win for you and your staff that I can help you achieve through a tailored L&D program. With that your organization will be fully equipped to enhance employee engagement and well-being, while increasing innovation, performance and impact.

Facilitation services of events, workshops and team-building days

Why should you hire me as a facilitator for your workshops, events or team-building days? Good facilitation makes the difference between success or failure of your planned event. Additionally, a skilled facilitator enables everyone to benefit and to participate fully.

I will look at your wishes and objectives, and offer services tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Then you can relax and let me take care of your event for you. I guarantee successful facilitation, everyone's engagement and that your events' objectives are reached.

Interim (project) management

Whether you need an extra person to take up a time-limited project or team, or you just need to fill in a temporary gap in your staff, an interim manager can be the right solution. Someone like me, hands-on and result-oriented, with experience leading people and projects, and who takes immediately and successfully charge.

Hire me for such an assignment, you'll get great results, no regrets

People management coach

for managers and HR specialists

Organizational culture, internal communication, employees engagement

An organization is only as good as the people it employs.

To make sure you attract and keep the best people so that your organization keeps prospering, you need to put people management at the top of your organization's priorities.

I can coach and motivate your managers and HR professionals to master and apply great people management practices. So you can surely hire and retain the best talents.

An organizational culture which lives up to inspiring values, which creates and maintains a motivating and rewarding working environment, promotes employee’s engagement and well-being, and practices transparent internal communication is key to any successful organization with high impact. I can help you set up such a miraculous environment, where both employees and business keep prospering.

Let's explore what we can accomplish together!
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