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Workers who interact directly with your customers (mainly sales and customer service employees) must adopt a skill-set and mindset to meet or exceed  customers' expectations. Some of the most important traits and abilities to succeed in this job might be friendliness, empathy, communication skills, problem solving, stress-resistance, patience.

It is crucial for your business that you train your employees who are directly dealing with customers to be fully equipped to make your customers happy. 


We can absolutely help you with that!

Based on your wishes, the participants' needs and the outcomes below we offer you an effective training course which will bring you great long-lasting results, at an affordable price.



Participants are protagonists in our courses. They learn by reflecting and doing on real-life scenarios, while having fun and achieving the desired transformation. They will also be coached to identify their main talents and strengths, set their improvement goals and practically work on them during and after the course.




2 days course and 1/2 day follow up session



By the end of this training course participants will master how to:


  • Best use active listening skills so that the customer feels understood.

  • Recognize and manage the effect of culture and emotions on communication.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in simple language per email and phone.

  • Be resistant to stress and enhance patience and empathy.

  • Identify and manage the different levels of communication.

  • Prevent miscommunication issues and enhance own negotiations skills.
  • Hold each other accountable to keep applying the acquired skills and improvements after the course has ended.


Let's explore what we can achieve together.
You will get your customized offer within 2 days
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