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training courses
training courses

Which skills and


can I help you improve?

All my courses will be tailored to the needs and wishes of the organization and the participants. I use experiential methods based on proven didactic models, years of experience, adult education and brain-based learning theories. Participants are protagonists in my courses. They learn by reflecting and doing on real-life scenarios, while having fun and achieving long-lasting improvements.

Effective (online) presentation skills course

Great presentation skills are nowadays a must for every professional. They can make the difference between a successful meeting, a new acquired customer, a career advance and a frustrating missed chance. 

In this course you will learn and apply what is the best structure for your presentations; identify and practice the best techniques to captivate your audience attention; exercise outstanding ways to handle even the most difficult questions. You will also be coached to identify your main strengths as a speaker, set your improvement goals and practically work on them during and after the course.

Upon request, webinars delivery is included.


Intercultural communication course

Culture has a huge impact on our personal and professional lives. It impacts how we make decisions, how we exchange information, how we work in teams, how we use space and time, just to name few aspects. At the same time, culture is not one-dimensional, and not all behaviors can be explained by it. During this training program you will dive into the different aspects of culture and how it influences us all, especially in the working environment. You will gain more knowledge of the different cultures, become aware of your personal culture lens, practice concrete scenarios. Altogether you will greatly increase your ability to communicate and cooperate effectively across cultures.  


Effective communication skills course

Reaching the same understanding, overcoming resistance, working together: that all requires excellent communication skills.

As simple as communication can seem, much of what we want to communicate to other gets often misunderstood, causing frustration, tensions and conflict in our personal and professional relationships. During this course you will gain awareness of your communication style and how it impacts others; you will practice and acquire active listening skills, learn and excercise the different communication levels and the best techniques for effective feedback. After this course you connect with others better, and your messages reach a much higher impact                                                   


Enhancing customer satisfaction course

Personal impact and influence course

Working in customer-service is becoming increasingly challenging in today's technology driven society. Those who seek expert help by chat, email or phone are often frustrated and confused. They want answers and solutions, and the want them "immediately!".
During this course you will learn how to master the art of active listening; identify and apply the main elements of clear communication per phone and e-mail; practice and reflect on challenging case studies and exercise how to communicate about technical issues in a simple language.
Altogether you will get better equipped to successfully deal even with the most difficult cases and enhance customers satisfaction.


Today's organizational structures are flatter, with employees working in geographically dispersed teams, so the old ways of influencing and communicating might no longer work. This is where your personal influencing skills can make the difference.

This course is designed to supply you with practical tools and techniques to enhance your level of behavioral competence and expand your level of personal impact. During the training course you will identify your preferred influencing style, learn how to act as an opinion-maker, how to be more assertive and make yourself heard better. This will all enable you to be more confident, influential and persuasive at work and in life.


Training methodologies for trainers course

Working as a trainer can be fantastic and very rewarding, but it can be challenging too: motivating others to adopt new skills and behaviors it is not an easy task!

A top training course starts with checking that training is the right solution, and it ends with empowered participants. That's why during this course we focus on the before, during, and after your training delivery. You will learn how to best design courses tailored to the audience and based on sound didactic principles; you will explore and practice engaging methods and the best ways to manage group dynamics.

No matter the topic of your course – IT, health or sales skills – through this program you will greatly increase your success as a trainer.


Let's explore what we can accomplish together!
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